Lover's Gallery

Being an erotic photographer, I have always photographed my boyfriends. During 1979, I extensively photographed men in their home environments for a series entitled "Naked Men." My boyfriend at that time was Bruce, who kept refusing to allow me to photograph him. An established writer, he made all kinds of excuses for not posing. He was worried about his image and what his editors and readers might think. I personally think that he didn't want to be in a position where I would be in control, since he was very macho. So I stopped bringing up the subject.

I continued photographing men who answered the ads that I ran in the Village Voice: "Female photographer seeks men for nude photography." The response was over whelming.

Every time I left our apartment for one of my photo sessions, Bruce would make a sexual comment. And of course, on my return home, the comments would begin again. I would just shrug off his remarks.

Late one Saturday afternoon, when I got home from a photo session, I found Bruce in our bedroom, lying on the bed. Placing my camera bag on the floor, I seductively kissed him. As we continued kissing, I unbuttoned his shirt and unzipped his pants. He did the same to my clothes we then stripped and that's when I grabbed for my camera, which still had film in it, and moved him directly under a light, placed a hat on his head and shot a few quick frames before he could object.

I was finally able to photograph Bruce, and he was happy to continue what we had started. Our lovemaking was very hot, and afterward he admitted to me that he'd become extremely turned-on when I aimed my camera at his naked body.

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