"Ten Rules for Photography Your Man Nude"

RULE #1 – “Bring Up The Subject”

Before you pull out your digital camera, Polaroid or 35mm, bring up the subject of male nudes and photography to him.  If you have seen a favorite male nude photo book, noticed  the absence of male nudity in films, media, etc., mention these issues to him.

Since most men are exhibitionists, he might surprise you with his comments about the subject.  Say, “by the way, I have never seen a nude photo of you and know that you would look amazing.”


RULE #2 – “Your Favorite Part Of His Body”

Now that he has been hearing about male nudity, over and over again, you are ready to give it a try.  The opportune time has arrived, a stress-free day, a touch-feely day, right time, right place, which might be the bedroom, but any place would suffice, even outdoors, if it is a secluded location.  Nonchalantly, camera in-hand, start undressing your guy and talk about your favorite part of his body and barely mention that this is what you want to capture thru your camera’s lens.


RULE #3 – “Technical Aspects”

At this point, do not worry about the lighting situation, foremost, you want him comfortable about you photographing him naked.  There will be more tries at it.

Even the dimmest or brightest lighting situations can result in stunning, interesting male nude photos and even at times, add to it.


RULE #4 – “Have Fun”

Do not be serious about photographing your man nude.  Have fun with it and he will, too.  This way it will be an enjoyable experience for both of you.  Grab a prop that might be around, his cap, a towel and be playful.


RULE #5 – “Talk Dirty To Him”

Once you got the knack and now are moving forward with photographing your man, you might want to include your photo session as foreplay to having sex.  With camera in-hand and directing him to accomplish the photos that you have in mind, start talking dirty or sexy about how fantastic and hot he looks.  Talk about how his penis looks and watch how his penis responds to your comments.


RULE #6 – “Role Reversal”

Always keep in mind that you are in control of the nude photo shoot with your guy.  Men love seeing a woman who knows what she wants and the resulting photos will show it.

You are taking the photos and dominating him with your camera.  Your man will become your sex object and he will love the attention.


RULE #7 – “Be Creative”

To continually photograph your man, keep photographing him differently each time.   Boring you do not want.  Nothing is too silly or stupid, since your main objective is photographing him naked.  Men love variety, so he will be open to your many suggestions.  Be enthusiastic, remember your desire to photograph him nude.


RULE #8 – “The Photographs”

By now, you probably have a good selection of your favorite nude photos of your man.  Have a few made into prints, frame and present to him on his birthday or special occasion. You might even want to hang a few in your bedroom of his nude body.


RULE #9 – “Willing and Able”

By now, he is always asking to be photographed by you and you are now able to comply to his wishes.  He is happy and you are happy, since you are able to continue on the mission of breaking down the double-standard that exists in nude photography, which often excludes the male nude.


RULE #10 – “Keep It Up”

You will notice as you continue to photograph your man nude that your photographs will keep improving with composition, lighting, strength and your personal style.  As with anything that you keep doing and because you are passionate about it, your man’s nude photographs can only get better.


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